Cinematic electronic duo fronted by an abandoned imaginary friend.

Pihka in The Press

Artists that don’t follow the current, instead going their own way, are pretty rare these days. There’s nothing more precious than someone blending different genres and influences in order to reach new, unheard sonic lands. Finnish duo Pihka Is My Name does exactly that…

…they weave such clever patterns, and it’s written to a bold cinematic scale that allows the visions of their adventuring robot to be really clearly pictured.

Everything is in Between is a breath of fresh air in the music scene, perfect to bring in your spring 2021.

“Everything Is In Between“ sucht die Wahrheit niemals an der offensichtlichen Oberfläche, sondern schaut in die Lücken hinein.

…duon luoma ääniuniversumi on pökerryttävän syvä, monimutkainen ja alati uusia puolia itsestään esiin tuova.