They’ve took the time to walk us through, how they created their new single “Forest Syntax”

Ultimately, I really just want more chances to see these guys performing!

Pihka Is My Name’s ability to harmonize analog and digital elements is remarkable, resulting in a sound that feels both nostalgic and futuristic.

Caller Unknown‘ is a really gentle, ambient, mysterious release, that you could easily put on as background music, actively listen to, or put on during an all-night dance party.

This synth-laden track seamlessly melds the eclectic beat of disco with the pulsating vibe of drum and bass, resulting in a composition that feels as if it belongs within the ethereal setting of a fantastical video game.

Returning with a sonic masterpiece that showcases the duo’s remarkable production prowess, is Finish duo Pihka Is My Name.

With an energy tailor-made for the soundtrack of a fantastical video game, the track’s cascading rhythms and electronic layers demand your attention.

With their innovative approach to music production and boundary-pushing compositions, Pihka Is My Name is carving a unique space within the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with their intricate soundscapes and pushing the limits of sonic exploration.

The power, the heat and the darkness in this single are fantastic. They rip apart the synthetic norm and come to a halt at the barrier of house. Never stepping over, but coming close.

…I honestly always have something new I’ve learned in every track. Be it for our own music or someone else’s. I wouldn’t be interested otherwise. I just can’t bear repeating myself!

Norjalaiseen Röyksoppiin Lasse Turusen ja Henna Helasvuon musiikkia on jo verrattu, mutta se kattaa vain osan monipuolisesta fiilistelystä.

…they weave such clever patterns, and it’s written to a bold cinematic scale that allows the visions of their adventuring robot to be really clearly pictured.

“Everything Is In Between“ sucht die Wahrheit niemals an der offensichtlichen Oberfläche, sondern schaut in die Lücken hinein.

…duon luoma ääniuniversumi on pökerryttävän syvä, monimutkainen ja alati uusia puolia itsestään esiin tuova.